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How long does it take to fit a pair of Gropes?

Short gropes normally take about 10 to 20 minutes to fit. Long Gropes can take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the style of the handlebars and how skilled you are at ‘Groping’.

Where can I see pictures of Gropes in action?

We have an image gallery on the Nonusual website and the Nonusual Flickr page provides an even richer visual archive of all things Gropes.

I want to see the product before I buy online.
Where can I see Gropes in the flesh?

Check the Nonusual website for an up-to-date list of official dealers.

Do the laces provide Gropes with a secure bond to the handlebars?

Gropes are supplied with heavy-duty double-sided tape attached to the reverse of the leather. The combination of this adhesiveness, and nicely tightened laces, should be more than enough to fix the grips securely. However, for an extra solid bond, we recommend applying a dash of cheap hair spray or hair wax.

Do hair spray and hair wax really help to stick Gropes?

Believe it or not, this is quite a common tip. Cheap hair spray or hair wax sticks brilliantly and, unlike regular glues, it doesn’t dry out and allows for easy adjustment or removal.

I’m worried about my Gropes getting dirty and discoloured.

Gropes don’t get dirty as such; like a leather saddle, they age beautifully and darken slightly. We value this quality in leather. To preserve the colour, we recommend wearing gloves, or applying any leather dressing to the reverse only.

My bike has a drop handlebar with drop brakes. Will Gropes work?

The short answer is yes. But you will need to do some work. Check the Nonusual website for full fitting instructions.

Will Gropes fit on my butterfly handlebar?

The potential issue here is the length. Gropes fit the butterfly bars we’ve tested, but please measure your own handlebars before purchase. The length of long Gropes is 588mm.

The bar end plugs are too big for my handlebars.

Our bar end plugs are designed to fit most handlebars. However, some handlebars have a narrower internal diameter. In this case you will need to trim the cork.

The bar end plugs are too small for my handlebars.

Try trapping the ends of the laces in the gap. Double the lace if necessary.

Do Gropes offer enough cushioning?

Gropes are comfortable and provide a really good grip. But if you’re looking for a more cushioned grip, we recommend fitting a cloth or a bar gel cushion underneath.

How much would it cost to have my Gropes fitted professionally?

Please ask your local bike shop for a quote.